Feb. 1st, 2010

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i know.

so here's the skinny. I have a job taking pictures of peoples' pets on the weekends. it's a little boring at times (i know, surprisingly, people don't need professional pictures of their dogs), but it's work, and I know a lot of the country is suffering right now (not to mention, you know, the world), so I'm not going to complain about having a job that's less than way-exciting.

Adam and I are gearing up to get the heck on and get a place in the next couple of months. He's working extra hard right now to finish a huge animation project he's doing for a play that's opening in Louisville in March. After that, we should be on a roll. Look out, Atlanta! We're definitely looking forward to all of that.

That's it really. No, really. That's about it. I'm really happy, pretty busy, and more and more convinced that I'm getting better at taking care of things and being a responsible adult. Baby steps.

My Friends: I miss you. I know we're all busy (you guys, definitely, because you have better reasons like school and stuff), and I know I haven't been the most available friend (especially now that my weekends are during the week and viceyvoicy) but I love you guys and I really, really miss you. So, having said that, let's hang some time please. I know i've missed a couple of key opportunities, *wristslap*, but...yeah. :/?

I leave you with this:
I like the new Spoon album.
I don't care about the Super Bowl this year at all. Even less than most years.
I'm going to have a new niece in about 10 hours. Ariella Marie. excited!! :)

talk to you all soon, hopefully.


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