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1. "Nantes" - Beirut, The Flying Club Cup
2. "St. Augustine" - Band of Horses, Everything All the Time
3. "California Dreamer" - Wolf Parade, At Mt. Zoomer
4. "Your Protector" - Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes
5. "Between the Bars" - Elliott Smith, Either/Or
6. "No One's Gonna Love You" - Band of Horses, Cease to Begin
7. "Kissing the Beehive" - Wolf Parade, At Mt. Zoomer
8. "The Calendar Hung Itself" - Bright Eyes, Fevers and Mirrors
9. "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" - Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes
10. "Call it Ritual" - Wolf Parade, At Mt. Zoomer
11. "Halfway Home" - TV On The Radio, Dear Science
12. "Next Messiah" - Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue
13. "Manana" - Desaparecidos, Read Music/Speak Spanish
14. "Waltz #2" - Elliott Smith XO
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I'm such a bad blogger these days. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm obviously not busy or anything. hahaha...

I'm so happy to be home for christmas this totally makes up for last year (though i had fun, it just wasn't the same at all). I've seen my family, i've done Christmas morning with my brothers, I've hung out with my friends...i'm going to see Benjamin Button tonight (woo!). All is right with the world.

Headed back to Korea in a few weeks (hopefully...depends on how long it takes to get this visa crap done. word to the wise: getting a visa to go overseas during the holiday season is a PAIN IN THE BUTT). I'm not sure how that's all going to go...i feel very woozy about the whole thing, but I really need the money and I know it'll be good in the long run.

Tomorrow's my birthday. I'll be 25. I don't know if i want to think about that. so instead here's this...

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Wow it's been a long time. But here I am!

the last four months have been journal to remember exactly what went on...during them...

started playing music more often with some new friends.
enjoyed a week off work during which i did very little of anything (awesome.)

Went to a couple birthday parties
Bought a new camera
Went to Japan for a few days
Said goodbye to Hannah :(
Said hello to Jonathan! :)

Started playing music again, this time with even more people/fun. (keyboard!)
Enjoyed a friend's birthday and a trip to Costco
Joelle's mom came to visit
WONDERFUL Chuseok weekend with friends
more music.

Huge jam session with many talented people at Jason's
ridiculously awesome Seoul trip (which, i believe, included skipping down the street)
Yom Kippur dinner
best/first Gimbap party ever!
the weekend of the two mexican dinners
a fantastic going-away party
Hello to Lindsay :)
Halloween/Goodbye to Wonderland
Halloween party at Jeremy's
hanging out at Joelle's before leaving...

goodbye Pohang :( for now!
Hello Atlanta! I missed you!
mom's wonderful homecoming party
Sushi with UCOG!
Rachel home from VA
move to Nadia and Sundiata's
Wonderful night out with Janna etc.

That pretty much brings us up to speed.
I'm looking for a job right now because i spent over half my savings on getting the car fixed. no fun! but either way, it's done now. I'm loving living downtown with Nadia and's so incredibly refreshing to be back in Atlanta. Things I am looking forward to:

1. Hoda's party this weekend and seeing Jal/Af again!
2. reading Twilight (because apparently i've been missing this phenomenon all year...?)
3. Thanksgiving with my family!
4. Baha'i Conference in Atlanta on Dec. 6th.
5. the rest of december...which is going to be great.

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sometimes it feels like a completely different world out here. Not just another place or another lifestyle or whatever...but lately it's beginning to feel like i'm just this completely other person living a completely other life than my own. I think i remember feeling this way in England, but this is ridiculous.

The Amanda i'm used to (the one i've been my whole life) doesn't get sick. I feel constantly ill here. She doesn't get hurt. I have this ridiculous that a child could get by falling off a bicycle. Mom puts some stinging sort of liquid on it and it's sorted. i get to go get x-rays and a bandage and antibiotics and a limp. Granted, it might feel a little better had i not disobeyed my doctor this weekend on more than one count of irresponsibility. The girl i've been for 24 years doesn't lose her voice more than once or twice a year....but I lose my voice at least once a week.

Granted, not all the differences are so bad. I eat vegetables. Amanda doesn't eat vegetables. I go to the beach...and i like it. that's nothing like her. I like sunlight and I don't watch TV and I read and I work really hard. Amanda would have a fit. I don't have fits. I am fitless. the anti-fit, if you will. (hahaha)

but my foot hurts. and i don't want to go back to the doctor...he made me cry. but i think i have to. :(

on a lighter note: mud festival was really fun and I made some new friends. I've got some color in my face and it looks a little more like summer around here. Shelly is rickety and scraped up from our fall, but she's doing nicely.
and my dishes are clean.
and most of my clothes are clean.

life is...well. yeah.
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I definitely had equal or greater fun making this little 8th-grade-science-book pop-out screen shot as/than I did writing this. shuffle words is awesome!
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1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them

list )
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i'm lame and bad at blogging these days. it's not a really big deal, though, there really isn't much going on around here worth writing home about. I remember when i lived in England I wrote almost every single day. Now i am...more lame. or less lame. one of the two.

so....a LIST it shall be:

1. Arrested Development. I got all three seasons sent to me here and I've been introducing them to Joelle whilst rekindling my already very strong love for them. It's amazing how many things you miss the first two times you watch the series all the way through.

2. Nutmeg. I found nutmeg at the store. all is right with the world.

3. School is slightly less stressful as of late. I don't know if it's because the things that would normally stress me out have actually let up a little or...I am just shirking my duties. probably the latter. But at any rate, I haven't been yelled at lately. So that's nice.

4. I got a new scooter! This one I inherited from a couple of friends of mine who left Pohang a few weeks ago. They were thinking it was going to be really expensive to fix, so they gave it to me. I took it to the shop where i bought Ron, and the guy there fixed Shelly for $60. nice-uhhh! i asked the friends i got her from if they wanted some money for it, seeing as they thought it was going to cost like $200 to fix, but either way, it's amazing that it was that inexpensive. i'm on the road again! (picture to come)

5. Music. most of it is stuff i've been listening to for at least a year or two, but it's still worth looking into if you haven't yet...

The Con - Tegan and Sara
August and Everything After - Counting Crows
Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
More Adventurous - Rilo Kiley
Parade - Original Broadway Cast Recording
o - Tilly and the Wall (just started, but i'm loving it)
Time to Pretend - MGMT (especially "Kids" and "Love Always Remains")
"The American and Florence/Nobody's Side" - Chess

Other than's just weeks and weekends...brown rice, sesame leaves, rides...more food....long walks...espresso...

sounds like a bad personal ad.
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crap i didn't finish writing sarah's username. she knows who she is.

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and he is mine. :)

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to all my friends out there who are mommies...go you! you're amazing and i hope you get to relax and do something for yourself today.

not much has been going on here. i got a letter from my brother this week...which completely made my day/week/last 6 months. I love getting mail. There are a lot of really great things in this world, but getting mail is just friggin fantastic.

so i went out with one of my friends yesterday and i found Ron. who is Ron? Ron is my scooter. well, technically he's not mine just yet...i'm picking him up on tuesday. eeeee! get ready Korea, amanda's going to be on the road again! yaaay :) I'm naming the scooter Ron after my first Korean boss, Ron Lee, at Comet Drycleaning. he taught me how to read and write Korean like 8 years ago and it's really made life so much easier here. the scooter is going to make my life so much easier, too, so I figured it was apt. Ron. eeeee two more days!

also, on a whim, i self-published a book of poems. just for fun really...I thought it might be neat to see stuff i had written in a book. If you're interested in checking it out, it's here...and you can preview the content at my poetry blog if you want.

Other than the book and the scooter buying, life is pretty chill. even with them, it's pretty chill. i'm catching up on some movies and television lately...has anyone here (especially UCOG) seen Pushing Daisies? Lee Pace is so damn cute and he talks like John Cusack...and Kristen Chenoweth! and she sings! it's really must check it out if you haven't already.

I've been listening to a lot of music i listened to in high school lately. mostly Live, Incubus, and Weezer. It's amazing how long ago that feels now...

i'm rambling. I'll put up pictures of the bike later this week.
much love
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i really want to do the anon post like teija. because i am teh!copycat. i don't have a flist large enough to contain it to just that, so some of these are non-lj.
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i went to see Dan in Real Life tonight. it was awesome. i really love steve carrell...and was that - i believe it WAS - my main squeeze, Norbert Leo Butz!! i saw that face and heard him speak and i was on the mule-train to Jamie land...(*sings* handful after handful of...Doritos). no words for how excited i was to see him on screen. i've just been on a Last 5 Years kick again for the last 2 weeks or so. i digress...

ok so you know how they always play the cheesiest radio-edit, crappy b-side music at the movie theatres while you're waiting to watch a movie? normally? it's usually pretty annoying because it's the same 3 songs over and over and over again...

well in korea they...don't speak english. and therefore have very little to go on when choosing english songs to play in their movie theatres. i spent my pre-Dan in Real Life minutes enjoying this version of this song. beware, it's an assault on the senses. )quite possibly the worst rap lyrics ever written.
though i was slightly amused by "i want her naked (no clothes!)".

thanks for clearing that up for us, Plies. *thinks of other lyrics for the song* )

ok really though. it's food time.
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things are pretty good. I went to Seoul for the first time this weekend and took - count 'em - zero pictures. all looks about the same anyway. i would have been taking pictures of things like...the starbucks sign, a hispanic person, two canadians and their dog, a sign for an Indian restaurant, or maybe the subway. that's the kind of stuff that was different. diversity and...trains. i had a great time though.

so i come back and i'm in the mood to watch some internet tv. and i'm reminded of my inability to partake in any american television via the internet. unless of course i'm in America. you know, because we don't have american television on the american televisions...we really need it on the internet. this crap...this is one reason Korea is annoying )

So i guess it's back to watching Felicity...i'm almost half-way through the final season...I think i just want to get it over with. I found some Arrested Development and the WHOLE series of Scrubs on ********* (i don't want to get them in trouble...screened comment if you want) so i'm really excited.

it probably sounds like my life here is made up of bitching, moaning, and watching shows i've seen 19 times. not so! i also spend all day with children, go on bus trips, draw silly cartoon strips (check out my facebook and i are having a blasty blast), listen to music my friends suggested MONTHS ago...etc. and eat at one of two restaurants two or three times a week. that's important.

the music thing:
Teija - i've finally listened to "The I Love You Song" like 36 times in a row on my way to Seoul and i'm so in love. you're so right...about everything! I'm also listening to "Nobody's Side" from Chess over and over again at school when i'm on my feels like a great work montage song. this part right here reminds me EXACTLY of my life right now:

Never make a promise or plan
Take a little love where you can
Nobody's on nobody's side
Never stay too long in your bed
Never lose your heart, use your head
Nobody's on nobody's side

and of course i still clean to Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart." it's the best cleaning song, ever. try it!

i've lost my voice over the weekend and it's getting worse because i have to go to work and shout above the children and repeat, repeat, repeat all day long. it's really starting to freak me out. i need to drink tea with honey or something...lemon? i'm not really sure. i just don't want to do any irreparable damage to my voice. that would really be depressing.

hope everyone is doing well...drop me a line.

OH! and Teija, Tammi, Sarah... hey GUYZ...go back and do my 36 questions meme...i actually made up 36 questions!! i want you to answer them! :)

must. get. sleep. tonight.
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two things: first, an

iTunes meme )

that [ profile] whisperwords did ages ago and i'm just getting around to plugging my iPod in to do it (i take almost all my music off my computer after i put it on my iPod because i have a teeensy weeensy it's only fair i do this one with it plugged in). second, i have

36 questions )
and my answers )
for my friends to comment and answer since i just answered Teija's from who-knows-when...last week? i don't know...i've been bad at keeping up lately.

Anyway that took me two and a half hours.
Payday is in less than a week! 5 days actually, to be exact! i'm so friggin stoked.

Does anyone have the new Dane Cook CD? Can they maybe upload it somewhere for me...if they do? I'd be ever so grateful.

Also! Listen to this song: "A Comet Appears" - The Shins, Wincing the Night Away. it's beautiful.

Much love! :)
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things are pretty good here.

the Fast is going well this year. Better than it has ever gone, ever. I have a really good feeling about it this the goals I've set for New Year and Naw-Ruz - i'm actually accomplishing them and I feel really great. Yay! :)

ladies and gents. another meme coming your way. this one's from [ profile] whisperwords who, by the way, is the queen of awesome.

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you. Continue this game by sending this to 8 other people.
Questions! )

I tag [ profile] mymanbag, [ profile] doe_eyes34, [ profile] lunalil, [ profile] pulmot, [ profile] skankin_oi, [ profile] thespo, [ profile] delisandwich, [ profile] hessieb.

is it cheating if like half of these people are never on livejournal anymore?
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