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it's been a long day. not in the sense where you walk in the door, throw all your stuff down and sigh and say "man, it's been a long day," but in the sense where you're not saying that, not at home...because you're still at work. it's one of those days that steals even your sense of obligatory professionalism. thankfully, most of my co-workers and superiors don't waste their time with that. at least not with me. which may explain this email i wrote to my boss today

To: Mike E.
Subject: Re: Test Kitchen

Oh also, the guys who said they are building things in the kitchen – the ones you said shouldn’t be building things in the kitchen – said that someone named Steve Little is in charge of this whole building-things-in-the-kitchen operation. I’m waiting for Dan to be finished with whatever he’s doing today to tell him the same thing. I literally have NO idea what’s going on today.

Oh well. There's always Thursday.

In better, though almost-too-far-away, news. I'm going to Argentina this month (wow, it's December already. so much for almost-too-far-away)! for like 9 1/2 days! Adam's parents (one of whom was actually born and raised in Argentina - despite being European herself) are taking us there as a part of some "We're blowing all of the rest of our money to satisfy our bucket list" scheme to get all of their kids ( wow) to Argentina with them once. I am...beyond excited. 20 days til that happens. :)

tonight i'm going to make black bean burgers with corn and mushrooms (and black beans) and korean chili sauce. hopefully that turns out well.

also, if you never have...listen to the song "Mykonos" by Fleet Foxes. it is...enchanting, to say the least.

ALSO UPDATE ON FOOD QUEST: Sublime Doughnuts TOTALLY lives up to its name. You must go to there. Have the strawberries and creme and the reeses cup at least, if not all of them at once.

over the hump, guys.


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