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whoa man. I just found Michael Palin on twitter and had this mini daydream that he would reply to my tweet and i would have an actual - albeit short - conversation with someone i've been mildly obsessed with since i was a kid. it actually made my heart race a little. obviously, i'm not all about the twitter. but if michael palin replies to my tweet and it's actually him and he says "thanks, cheers" or whatever people say...i will be beside myself. and i will have a new (read: actually existing) appreciation for twitter.

Now that that's out of my system.

Twitter just brings to mind another thing i've been thinking about lately. I think one starts to feel old once they start to feel uninformed, at least about pop-culture. And i think, even with the human life-span getting longer every day, there's a point in the life of a twenty-something like me where you start to feel old. And not because you're not hip - you totally are. It's because pop-culture is too fucking fast now. I read a blog post about something that happened recently and I tell someone and they're like "WOW that was a few days ago." YES. a few DAYS ago, guys. not months, years, decades. DAYS. Back in ancient times (you know, the 80s), stuff stuck around for at least a week, right? Now i see hashtags hanging around for, oh i don't know, 5 minutes before they're old news. Gimme a break, internet! Don't make me feel old! I'm only 26. At least until next month (holy crap). How about happy things.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Thank goodness. Too much of the year is spent not being November 20-something-th through December 31st. Give me a break, rest of the year! I love the holidays like crazy. I think my crazy mom got it from her late crazy mom and so on and so on and i will probably pass it on to my kid(s) as well. I hope so. Adam and I are going to get a little electric light-up Christmas tree either next week or the following week and I am already plotting to steal some ornaments from my mom's collection and/or make some. maybe it's just being at work all day, but this stuff makes me mega excited.

Also, everyone is having babies. So, yeah. Congratulations, people having babies. Pin the scarlet "O" (OLD) to my chest. jk. have fun with your babies.
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