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Less than four weeks to go. If I may,

Oh Atlanta...hear me callin'...I'm comin back to youuuuu one fine day...heeey no need to worry, there ain't no hurry, 'cause I'm.....on my way back to Georgia!

There are no words for how that song has kept me going over the last year and a half...and the entire time I was in England. Almost every time I walk into Mindy's Bar in Pohang (which, admittedly, is very seldom now), she puts that song on. And finally I'm done with my June calendar. Yes, I realize it's still June for another day and a couple hours.'s July to me now!

Things that come with July:

1. July 4th. That's this Saturday. I'm looking forward to setting off fireworks at Bukbu Beach for the last time.

2. References to a Decemberists song that i really like.

3. another going away party.

4. one last performance at Live Story.

5. AP. AP. AP. :)

6. My Atlanta life back.

I'm sure there's a lot else that will happen in the next few weeks, but for now...these are the things that make my days go by happily. These are the things I look at on my July Calendar.

Oh. Music:

1. Dragonslayer - Sunset Rubdown (i'm disgustingly addicted to this album right now. especially "You Go On Ahead" and "Black Swan")
2. Dark Night of the Soul - Sparklehorse and Dangermouse. Good good good compilation/guest artist stuff here.
3. Still pretty much anything Jenny Lewis has ever sung.

Adam just finished a trailer for a show at Dad's Garage Theater that's going up in a couple weeks, and I love it. A lot. submitted for your approval....

Fingertips from Adam Pinney on Vimeo.

Plans for this week:

1. Taco Night (what?! yes.) at Whistler Bar tomorrow night with the ladies.
2. Art Night (there are nights here.) at Ben's on Wednesday.
3. things and stuff
4. July 4th! (Fire!)

DEAR UCOG: if you still read me...
let's get sushi when i get home.
i miss you guys a lot. :(


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