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Janna's gone. My world is sadder, but I will see her in a little while. Not that I'm counting cough51dayscough or anything. Let's just say I like it here, but the end of July can not come fast enough.

Lately, thanks to the giant gorgeous nerd that I talk to every day, I've been reading more blogs and trying to keep up with things on the internet more. I never thought it would be so exhausting. I'm currently addicted to videogum and stereogum...which are pretty much the same. If you have a strong love-hate relationship with Gossip Girl, like me, then you'll be pretty entertained.

Keeping up with new music coming out is another story altogether. I'm getting better at being on top of things, but man. It all comes out so fast! and it's all so good! I guess not all of it...but too much of it to keep up with. Here's what I've been introduced to lately:

Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest (awesome)
White Rabbits, It's Frightening (also really good, reminds me of Spoon kind of)
Passion Pit, Manners (nopantsdanceparty!)
Spoon, Kill the Moonlight (i've been listening to Gimme Fiction (2005) for a couple years but i just started listening to this one (from 2002) and I might - might - like it a little more)

Anyway, I have a couple friends who are way hipper than me. ok, I have dozens of friends who are hipper than me, but these couple are specifically cool as balls because they pay attention to this music when it comes out and screen it for me. they have the patience to do what makes my brain explode, thereby providing me with a more filtered rec list. I am eternally grateful to these people.

Same goes with movies really. I don't have a very refined movie palette. I'm still willing to see just about any garbage movie at the theatre as long as it doesn't involve monsters... or killer robots or alien attacks or anything you might find in Cabin Fever. I took one film history class in college and made it through the 1930s before i started only coming to class to barely-pass tests. needless to say, i missed a lot of the good stuff. that's ok. that's what a dozen hipster friends and a film-nerd-boyfriend is for, right? :)

speaking of watching just about any movie, I watched Baby Mama with Janna on tuesday night (because I love Tina Fey and babies?) and it was pretty cute. I'm not going to give it the Awesome Award or anything, but it was a good laugh and Amy Poehler has awesome fuckin hair.

got a show in Daegu with the band next weekend. we're cheesin' this shit up, big time.
anyone in Daegu next weekend? head to The Commune (like you weren't going to be there anyway) and see us bang on stuff until music comes out.


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