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So Janna's leaving tomorrow and I'm sad. That's all there is to it. I know i'll be home soon, but her having come and gone is making me really impatient. 53 days and I'll be headed back to Atlanta. Less than two months. I don't like to "wish away my time," as my mother would say, but sometimes it's hard not to.

On a brighter note, we went to Pusan last weekend and it was mega-cool. Had some tacos, some Indian food, and saw a modern art museum. I haven't been to a proper museum in years...and that's including the High. Janna and I decided that we should really take advantage of the High more often, actually. There is no good reason not to see all the stuff that comes through there.


Ok, yeah. I read like 4/7 of the Twilight "saga." I even went to see the first movie by myself at the theatre. I can appreciate it's appeal to very sensitive teenagers because I, myself, used to be a very sensitive teenager. I'm just glad these sorts of things weren't around when I was a teenager, because I probably would have turned out to be a horrible, humanoid version of this trailer.

That might be worse than how Teija told me books end. Might be.

So, yeah, other than Twilight being retardedly terrible and my best friend leaving, things are pretty awesome. The weather has been awesome, I've been eating healthier, the job is pretty easy, I feel super loved (and, really, there's not a whole lot better than that), and I'm going home soon! yaaaay :)

Happy Birthday, Adam!
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