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It's been an interestingly long week. We had the day off on Tuesday, but, for some reason, that just made it feel like monday and tuesday were a whole week and then wednesday through friday was a whole week. it went by quickly, but it felt sooo looonnggg.

I'm getting really tired of getting up in the morning and going to the other school for an hour. It's way easier now that i have the scooter (oh yeah, I bought Stone's scooter when he left. freeedoomm!), but it's still such a pain in the ass to go in and sit in that tiny little room and scream at this tv screen. It's a cyber school, which sounds really cool, but you never realize how much of teaching is hands-on until you try to teach a class via fancy-webcam. just a headache. anyway my "contract" there ends in about a month. i'm glad.

Went to visit my friend Chris in the hospital today. he broke his ankle playing soccer the other night and he's going to have to have surgery so he's stuck at St. Mary's for 3 weeks. Count your blessings, folks. Being in korea is annoying enough sometimes without being in a Korean hospital.

can anyone tell i'm looking forward to coming home? i seem to be complaining about everything lately. It's really not bad, obviously. i have a job, i live near the beach, i have great friends...I just want to get back to Atlanta. badly.

77 days :)

songs I'm listening to a lot right now:

1. "Capturing Moods" - Rilo Kily, The Execution of All Things
2. "Die Die Die" - The Avett Brothers, Emotionalism
3. "Electric Feel" - MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
4. "Daniel" - Bat for Lashes

also, Adam made this for Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta:


...which i think is friggin amazing. :)
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