May. 22nd, 2009

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1. eat a Kraze (pronounced "Crazy", not "Craze", incidentally) Burger at the airport. Because your friends who are just arriving in Korea from America are dying for stereotypical American cuisine.

2. get on a subway trainn in Seoul without her by accident, leaving her alone at Gangbyeon for 10 minutes while you backtrack.

3. spend the remainder of the next day pulling her into and out of subway trains to avoid a repeat of #2.

4. visit an ancient Korean Palace in the middle of the city. Take a lot of pictures of the ceiling.

5. go to Hongik for lunch at Dos Tacos. achieve spiritual enlightenment.

6. show up at the bust terminal at 8pm only to be told the next bus doesn't leave until 11:30.

7. introduce friend to Korean food by way of Gimbap Chunguk chain restaurant near the terminal.

8. get on a bus for 4.5 hours. now she's really impressed!

9. arrive at your apartment in Pohang at 4am and treat friend's extreme jet-lagged disorientation to a good night's/morning's sleep.

10. wake up to sunlight in your face at 7am. facepalm.

we're having a good time though! last night was the show at Live Story, which i think went really well. I'm thinking it's because she was there.

today we're probably going to hit the beach and maybe watch Star Trek (i've heard good things). also, i think some Haejang Guk is definitely in order.

yes ma'am.


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